Май 2019

31 мая 2019
Офіційні дилери Volkswagen вже приймають замовлення!

30 мая 2019
Panasonic's most powerful Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-BJ980 with suction power of 200W and runs up to 65 mins. Find Out More: http://bit.ly/BJ980CordlessVacuum

27 мая 2019
In the previous episode, our friendly neighbourhood inventor, Alfred, invented a Rube Goldberg machine for his neighbours to control their air conditioner remotely, but it did not end well. Unable to live with his own failure, where did that bring him? Back to his workshop!

27 мая 2019
Step backstage at the Giorgio Armani Cruise 2020 show held in the Tokyo National Museum Hyokeikan and get a feel of the atmosphere.

27 мая 2019
ŠKODA has unveiled a revised version of its flagship, the SUPERB. With its plug-in hybrid version SUPERB iV starts ŠKODA the eMobility era. Discover more on https://www.skoda-storyboard.com/en/m...

23 мая 2019
This is for all of us. It’s time for a power shift: time for everyone to plug in and take part in a new movement. With the launch of the all-electric Volkswagen ID. Family, electric mobility becomes accessible for everyone. We believe that by harnessing power for the few, one can make a change.

22 мая 2019
The bustling city of Tokyo is the setting for the first #GAcruise collection, the first co-ed #GiorgioArmani cruise fashion show.

21 мая 2019
Tchibo mobil. So gut wie unser Kaffee!

19 мая 2019
#GoneDriving #WelcometoLife “In order to progress you have to disconnect from the online world.” Traveller Sorelle Amore exchanged her smartphone for car keys to embark on a digital detox road trip in Portugal. Watch our video to see what Sorelle experienced when she unplugged and went driving with the new Porsche 718 Boxster T.

17 мая 2019
Exploration lies within all of us. It’s why we believe the physical and metal benefits of the outdoors should be available to everyone, always. Introducing Explore Fund – a movement to enable more adventure by breaking down the barriers that exist between society and our wild places.

16 мая 2019
Command presence. #Arteon

16 мая 2019
You need to be adaptive to get the best experience out of everywhere. With our Lamborghini Urus Off-Road Package, including the ANIMA Selector with driving modes Sabbia, Terra and Neve, all you need is to choose your option in the setup. The rest is pure driving joy.

15 мая 2019
NOW YOU CAN go beyond. With an all-electric driving range that puts almost anything in reach. Start electric. Find out more on the ID. Hub: https://www.volkswagen.de/elektromobi...

15 мая 2019

14 мая 2019
Exploration is a spirit within all of us. It's time to unplug from our always-on lives, turn on Explore Mode and connect in real life to the world, each other, and ourselves. #NeverStopExploring

14 мая 2019
When family is your next big adventure, be ready to expect the unexpected. The SEAT Leon Sportourer ST comes with features that make everyday life simpler. Digital Cockpit and Traffic Jam Assist and its spacious interior, make it perfect for on-the-go errands or on-the-road adventures.

13 мая 2019
It’s nice down here. You should join. Introducing the all-new Arteon. #Arteon

11 мая 2019
Lead the way and step into the all-electric era. NOW YOU CAN. Start electric: Find out more on the ID. Hub: https://www.volkswagen.com/id

10 мая 2019
Our role models. Our loving guardians. Our biggest fans. Our lifelong friends.

10 мая 2019
Especially on Mother’s Day people think of the strong bond kids and moms have. On this special day, we show that love is everywhere –in the Arctic, in the woods, and in a Volkswagen.

8 мая 2019
NOW YOU CAN take the leap. Switch to all-electric driving and move into the new era of mobility. Start electric. Find out more on the ID. Hub: https://www.volkswagen.de/elektromobi...

6 мая 2019
There’s one good thing about having to stop. You get to start again. The new turbocharged #GLI #vwperformance

3 мая 2019
The T-Roc is charismatic and freedom-loving – just like Oliver Hartkopp, the captain of the Danish National Surfing Team. Join Oliver as he experiences this versatile and dynamic compact SUV on a perfect day. #vwtroc #volkswagen

3 мая 2019
No matter where we’re from, how old we are and what we do for a living: The passion for ice hockey has the power to unite us all. That‘s why ŠKODA is proudly sponsoring the 2019 IIHF World Championship.

2 мая 2019
Self-driving people, here’s a car designed for you. The new turbocharged Jetta GLI. Available with manual transmission. #GLI

2 мая 2019
The convenience of modern grocery shopping comes at a cost – more greenhouse gases. Hussmann, Panasonic’s food retail division, has a solution – refrigeration technology with 99% less environmental impact, which will help make our world more sustainable.

2 мая 2019
As roads get more congested, dangerous and polluted, we’re creating better, more intelligent ones. Our new data ecosystem will analyze info from millions of connected vehicles, enhancing traffic flow and reducing vehicle crashes by up to 80%.

2 мая 2019
Sportswear inspired and logo emblazoned outfits for men and women by #EmporioArmani

1 мая 2019
To celebrate our 10 year anniversary of the V10 engine in the Audi R8, we commissioned artist Fabian Oefner to build our slowest piece of art.